Your paranormal stories, part 2.

More paranormal stories from you, dear readers and Instagram followers. More to come later. shewhewcooks I was around 8 or 9 and playing with my two best friends in the creek behind her house. Since it was a… Read More

What it’s like to work in a Finnish prison. Interview with Adnan Balic.

Books, Bullets and Bad Omens continues its excursions into the darker outer fringes of Finnish society. This time: an interview with my old buddy Adnan Balic, one of the folks who stand between convicted prisoners and the rest… Read More

Writing to a serial killer. A brief “memoir”.

For a suburban kid like me who grew up in a safe neighborhood surrounded by predictable events, evil occasionally seems so intangible. It feels like something that happens somewhere far away, and the only access I have to… Read More

Favorite Books and Films #2. Marko Lönnqvist

Marko Lönnqvist is a former member of Cannonball MC. He currently works as an author and personal trainer. He wrote a book about his experiences in Cannonball, entitled Elämäni gangsterina (“My Life as a Gangster”, Crime Time 2016). Favorite… Read More

Your paranormal stories

Last week I asked my Instagram followers to submit their own scary stories. Here’s a selection; more to come later. Thank you to all those who contributed! _jess__s_ : Ok, so i think i was around 13, maybe… Read More