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Your Paranormal Stories, September 2018.

Time for another set of creepy stories from my readers and Instagram followers. Huge thanks to everyone who contributed! Izak: I was always a rational kind of guy. Never believed things I didn’t see or experienced myself, on… Read More

Murder on the Upper Deck. An Unsolved Crime.

In 1994, cruise liner M/S Estonia sank, taking hundreds of lives with it to the bottom of the Baltic Sea. What most people don’t know is that some years before it’s sinking, the same ship (then known as… Read More

Film review: The Landing (2018)

My buddy Jenna (IG @hermionestrangler) wrote this review of the new film The Landing (2018). The Landing (2017) is a faux-documentary film about Apollo 18, the space mission that ended up in death of two of its crew… Read More