ForenSeek Podcast Episode 3 Is Out!

Mercedes Bentso (real name Linda-Maria Roine) is a pioneering Finnish female rapper with an interest in true crime. We interviewed her about the topics of crime, dark history, and her personal experiences in the Finnish criminal underworld. We… Read More

Interview with James Simpson, author of Video Nasty Mayhem

I recently came across an interesting book about the time of the “video nasties”, a horror phenomenon from the time when VHS ruled the movie market. Some of you might even remember those days when sneaking a “forbidden”… Read More

Trip to Kiev and Chernobyl

It is a massive mistake to travel to a destination and expect your visit to give you a kind of transcendental ”understading” of what happened there. Doing so is like peeling an onion, and expecting there to be… Read More

Vlad, Vampires, and Other Horrors! Interview with Dr. Tuomas Hovi.

On a grey and rainy Winter day in January 2019, I sat down for lunch with Doctor Tuomas Hovi, lecturer on Folkloristics at the University of Turku. Over some pizza, we discussed Tuomas’ specialties: notorious Romanian ruler Vlad… Read More

The Philosopher, The City and the Horse.

People have all kinds of obsessions. Video games, history, movies. You name it, and there’s someone out there doing their 300th Google search on it right now. One of my obsessions is Friedrich Nietzsche the man. He was,… Read More