Your paranormal stories

Last week I asked my Instagram followers to submit their own scary stories. Here’s a selection; more to come later. Thank you to all those who contributed!

_jess__s_ :

Ok, so i think i was around 13, maybe 14, when my grade went on a hiking trip to the mountains. We stayed at a sort of hostel there. My friend and I decided to explore a bit, so we went up a in a forest on the mountain (off path). From the edge of the forest, you could see a few caves higher up in the mountain that were not accessible as it would have been a vertical climb.

We looked up and there was a dark figure standing at the edge of one of the caves. We both saw it, but neither of us believed in ghosts or spirits. We went further into the forest and we were alone when we heard twigs crack, like someone was coming closer to us. We started walking back down, when I turned round and saw the black figure standing further behind. My friend saw too and we started running, falling and sliding down the forest on the mountain. To this day we don’t know what it was.
_the_roar_ :
All my life, I have had people say that I visit them in the night. My mother used to wake to the feeling of someone standing near her.  She opened her eyes to a figure of me, in a long white gown hovering over the end of her bed. I never spoke, but once she was awake, she was sleep paralyzed. I would descend and walk from the room. This happened quite often. As a preteen, my brother’s friend had a similar experience. He was spending the night. During the night, he awoke to who he believed was me.
Pacing the long hallway outside of my brother’s bedroom.  I appeared taller, as if I’d been stretched. For some reason, he was not afraid and fell asleep.  The next day he asked if I was wearing a white nightgown? I never owned a tradition nightgown of any sort.
The last experience I will share happened in Canada at a family reunion. In our large family members would pile into bedrooms in the family cottage during reunions. My aunt asked me over breakfast, if I was ok in the night? I was puzzled. She explained that she was visited by me sometime during the night. I stood inside her door, in a long white gown, silent. When she awoke to me, she asked me if I was alright. The figure of me turned and slipped from the room. I was in the attached cabin. Asleep against the wall, with two cousins sharing the bed with me.
aichakyle :
So… As I was a little kid, 3-4 years old. I moved with my family into a house in Syria (I’m arab) and after 5-6 months of living there I started having nightmares with a little girl dressed in white. She had a long black hair and was sitting up. ( We had like a small basement) She was always sitting there and looking at me. And every time she was there something bad happend, I always waked up crying because I was so scared. I stopped having these nightmares with her when I was 8.
I actually forgot about her. But then… it started again. After that the war started, and I remember that I was in a taxi leaving to the airport. Then, when I looked behind it was that girl, she was there looking angry at me.. I couldn’t believe, I thought I was dreaming. Last year I dreamed her again… It’s happens every year.
historythenandnow :
When I was 15 I was talking on the phone in the dark in my bedroom. A few feet away I saw a small dot of orange light hanging in the air. I watched it for a few seconds before it slowly grew to the size of a basketball. It just floated mid air glowing but didn’t illuminate the room.
The entire time I was calmly describing what I was seeing to the person on the phone. It lasted maybe a minute.
This was the same day my mom’s friend died. 
Years later my mom said that she doesn’t ever want to see a ghost. I didn’t make the connection until then that it was her friend visiting me instead of my mom so she wouldn’t scare her.
sircharlesofsacto :
I was doing research on a Jane Doe while I was in college. Found the crime scene, and her unmarked grave. Police estimated she was murdered between 10 pm and 8 am. After I visited her grave, I went home and cleaned out some storage. During that time I found an old alarm clock with very old and corroded batteries in it. The night I found and visited her grave, the alarm clock went off at 3 am. It never went off again and I was never able to get it to turn on with those batteries in it after that.

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