Amy Mihaljevic, Still a Sore Wound

I asked my awesome friend Erin, an Ohio native with an interest in unsolved mysteries, to write something about her memories of the disappearance and murder of Amy Mihaljevic, one of the most well-known unsolved crimes in the… Read More

The Path of a Serial Killer.

Judging from their prevalence in popular culture, you would think that the most likely way you’re going to die is in the hands of a vicious, systematic serial killer. There are television shows dedicated to them, they’re antagonists… Read More

Movie review: Hereditary (2018)

This review was written by my friend Jenna. Follow her cool Instagram account at @hermionestrangler Hereditary is indeed a refreshing newcomer, even though it is kind of a classic ghost story. It is quite slow at first but… Read More

The Martin Croft Devil. A Finnish poltergeist tale.

The following is an English translation of a chapter in the book Olevaisen yöpuoli (1993) by Heikki Tikkala, a collection of poltergeist and ghost stories from Finland. The translation was done with permission from Mr. Tikkala himself. Translated… Read More