Book review. One Town’s Son, by Kevin Troxall.

I love stories about people going back to their hometowns to uncover something left behind, to reconsider something they thought they were certain about back in the day. Troxall’s book, therefore, hits all the right notes with me…. Read More

Book review. The Prisoner in His Palace, by Will Bardenwerper

This book tells the story of the final days of Saddam Hussein, and the American soldiers who were tasked to guard him before his inevitable execution by hanging in 2006.  The Prisoner in His Palace spends a good… Read More

Black magic, grave robbing, and other Finnish pastimes of the 30’s.

On the 19th of August 1930 school boy Leo Löfman had finished another day in the demanding Finnish school system of the ’30’s. The teachers of that time had no problems using their rulers and sticks to beat… Read More

Your paranormal stories, part 3.

More paranormal stories from readers of this blog and followers from my Instagram. Sirutar: I had been really sad after my beloved dog had to be euthanized unexpectedly. I could barely do anything but blame myself and cry… Read More

Hunt a Killer

If hobbies like this existed when I was a teenager, I would never have suffered a day of boredom. Hunt A Killer (their website is here) is a company that provides a service that I have no problem… Read More