Your paranormal stories, part 2.

More paranormal stories from you, dear readers and Instagram followers. More to come later.


I was around 8 or 9 and playing with my two best friends in the creek behind her house. Since it was a chilly fall day, we weren’t down in the creek, just on the banks.

We heard someone humming a made up jazzy be-boppy type song. So we started to call out: “Hello?!” And this person spoke back. He was a little boy. His name was Tyler. We tried to get him to come out where we could see him so we could play, but he kept insisting he was right in front of us and not hiding. He began his made up humming song again, and stopped responding to us talking to him. Slowly his voice moved down the creek. As a child I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t see him. I was not scared at all. My friends were baffled as well.

Then we heard someone walking through the leaves across the creek from us. “Hello?” we asked, “have you girls seen my son Tyler?” a woman asked. We answered emphatically that we had just been talking to him, and that he had walked away down the creek, but we couldn’t see him. “Where are you?” we asked, confused again because we could not see this woman, either. “I am right across the creek from you.” she replied. Again, as a child, I was not scared at all during this encounter. Simply confused about why we couldn’t see these people.

We heard her walking away – and then nothing. We were never able to find “Tyler” again even though we would his name every time we were at the creek.

Looking back as an adult, it scares me. But I never felt scared that day. I have tried doing research through old newspaper articles but have not been able to find anything about a missing boy. Because of this, it makes me wonder about the multiverse theory and perhaps this being some kind of touching point between two realities. I was just home again, visiting my family, and noticed a HUGE power station across the street, close to the area where this “meeting” took place. I wonder if there is a bunch of energy these spirits were able to draw from to have such a clear experience. If they are spirits.


As I was 5 or 6 I guess, it happened in Syria. I was staying that day at my auntie’s. It was 3 A.M. and I was sitting with my bigger brother (14) and my cousin (12). They were at the computers searching for creepy stories. I heard my brother come across the “Bloody Mary” legend. They wanted to try it.

My cousin took a candle and he lit it. They both started saying “Bloody Mary” in front of the mirror with that candle. Suddenly, the lights went out, and a red-orange light was in that mirror. I didn’t say a word, I just watched. Then suddenly I swear to God, there was someone in the mirror. I don’t know if it was a demon or “Bloody Mary”. I was too scared to think at that moment. I was hiding under a blanket and crying. I was really scared. My brother and cousin came in the room and the lights went back on. I asked them what had happened, but they just said that they were playing a stupid game. But how could they lie to me? I saw that thing in the mirror, and so did they, but they wouldn’t admit it. I always wanted to ask my brother about this, but I guess he is going to say that I’m crazy or something.


My husband and our 2 kids lived in an apartment for 12 years. One time, when my son was around 7, I asked him to take a shower. About 5 minutes later I saw a little shadow run from my room, where the shower was, to my kids’ room. I yelled for him to get into the shower, and about 30 seconds later I hear the water turn off and my son comes from my room. My daughter asked me who I was yelling at.

My husband and I also saw an older lady that would walk from my kids’ room to ours. We never saw her at the same time, except one night when we were laying on the couch watching TV. I saw her, sat up and looked at my husband. He responded: “Yes… yes, I saw her.”

One night when we were laying in bed, I heard something fall. I got up and turned on the light. I walked to the other side of the room and picked up a statue of a woman with her son that was given to me when my son battled cancer. That was what had fallen to the floor.  My son is still alive and the statue was at the BACK of my dresser, and it fell off te FRONT of the dresser.


Before I was born, my parents had another daughter, but she died when she was 1 years old. I’ve never met her. But when I was like 8 years old I woke up in the middle of the night, and I saw a girl in white walking downstairs. I tried to follow her but she was faster, and she was slowly disappearing while she was walking. Until this day, I still believe it was her.


This happened when I was around 20. My sister had died in 1985 when she was hit by a train. She in a wheelchair from a previous accident, and the train may have been a suicide. The year was 1991 and I was sleeping. I had an overwhelming feeling that someone was watching me. I opened my eyes, and next to my bed a person in a wheelchair was looking at me. It was dark, but I could see the outline of the figure and felt the presence. I was not afraid, but almost calm. I got out of my bed and turned on the light, and the figure was gone. Shortly after that I had a car accident I should have died in, but obviously lived. As a Christian I believe in the afterlife and spirits, and I’m not sure what to make of it after all these years.


About three years ago I had gone on a trip with an ex-girlfriend. We were on the way back just above a city called Lynchburg. We had to pass through this city on the highway heading towards another city called Danville. Now, Danville is about two hours south of Lynchburg. So as we get near Lynchburg I see a large highway sign for an exit, but the exit sign says to take it to enter Danville, the city that’s two hours in the other direction. I started thinking about how strange that is, and that it couldn’t be right. Suddenly I’m waking up as I’m driving. It reminded me of coming out of anesthesia after getting my wisdom teeth pulled. Everything slowly came into focus. We were driving on a completely different highway now, heading West whereas we were originally heading South. Neither me nor my ex-girlfriend could remember how we got there. We drove back to the highway and after ten minutes of driving we reached the same place, and now the exit sign is correct, simply indicating a routine exit.

My second story. I live in a very rural area. However, the local post office is about five minutes away. I had forgotten to drop off a package earlier that day and decided I’d do it after work. I drove up after dark that night to place the package in a drop box. After doing so I was headed to my car when I noticed something. There is an abandoned building about thirty yards behind the post office. I could see into the open doorway and saw a figure standing there. I though it was either some teens messing around or a drunk, so I decided to screw with them. I got in my car and drove a little closer. I was going to flick my beams into the building. When I moved a bit closer I noticed a feeling of dread in me, a horrible feel of doom – all the hair on my body stood up and it felt like electricity was coursing through me. I flicked on the lights and I will never forget what I saw. A figure was standing there, its skin was as pale as porcelain and its hair was jet black and very long. It wore a small faded dress, but it had no face – completely blank, just nothing.  I drove as fast as I could out of there, and I never went back after dark.

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