Your paranormal stories

Time for another selection of creepy stories from my followers over at Instagram. Thank you to everyone who contributed! – Yuridia It happened when I was about 13. We lived in that house for about a year when… Read More

The Philosopher, The City and the Horse.

People have all kinds of obsessions. Video games, history, movies. You name it, and there’s someone out there doing their 300th Google search on it right now. One of my obsessions is Friedrich Nietzsche the man. He was,… Read More

Review of Suspiria (2018)

A review of the horror film Suspiria (2018), written by my buddy Jenna. Follow her at Suspiria was definitely a well-made remake. I tried to watch it as a separate movie and not to compare it too… Read More

The Avenger. A Finnish true crime story.

The following is a strange true crime story from the history of Finland. The text is from the book Poliisi kertoo 1985, and was translated by Salla Juntunen. The term “troll” is now widely used in reference to… Read More

Interview with horror author Marko Hautala.

Marko Hautala is one of Finland’s best contemporary writers. His books employ the methods of horror and thriller literature to look into the minds and pasts of their characters – with terrifying results. Order his books here. Below… Read More