Interview with artist Merja Pöyhönen, writer and performer of “Missing Amelia Earhart”.

On Sunday I had the honor and pleasure of seeing Missing Amelia Earhart, a solo puppet play performed by Finnish artist Merja Pöyhönen. The play tells the story of the famous disappearance of Earhart, an aviator who went… Read More

The book and film favorites of Rea Haverinen, presenter at Radio SuomiRock.

Rea Haverinen hosts her own show at Radio SuomiRock, one of the most popular radio channels in Finland. Though we here at Books, Bullets and Bad Omens usually can’t get women as good-looking and talented as her to… Read More

Interview with Mauri Karvonen, researcher of Finnish ghost stories.

Mauri Karvonen is a Finnish researcher and historian who specialuzes in stories of ghosts and haunted houses. He has released a book entitled Aavetaloja ja ihmiskohtaloita (“Haunted Houses and Human Fates”). A sequel to the book will be… Read More

Interview with Mark Marek, creator and administrator of Best Gore.

Mark Marek is the man behind the (in)famous, a website that gives you a peek behind the curtains of such battlegrounds as the drug war in Mexico, the various wars in the Middle East, gang wars in… Read More

Interview with Kendall Carver, founder of International Cruise Victims and father of a missing woman.

Mr Kendall Carver is the founder and chairman of International Cruise Victims (ICV), an organization established in 2006 that addresses the issue of crimes and disappearances at sea. His own daughter Merrian disappeared from a cruise ship under… Read More