Interview with Luka Magnotta


1) Who is Luka Magnotta? How would you describe yourself to someone who has never heard of you?

First of all, you contacted me a while ago, but I was reluctant to answer you since I’ve avoided the lying media at all costs. When I realized you were not associated with the professional media, and I did some research [on you], I decided to set the record straight on a few things.

There is an old saying: “Tell your own story, or someone else will tell it for you”, and that is precisely what has been done. Almost everything is complete lies, exaggerations and sensationalism. I am bombarded by requests to work with mainstream media and I always refuse their requests due to the simple fact that I just don’t trust them. They are master manipulators who have fooled the public. People need to stop relying on the failing news media and get their facts directly from the source. Times have changed and people are completely fed up with their lies.

I am frequently being portrayed as someone “consumed by seeking attention” or “unstable”. This inaccurate spin could not be further from the truth. In fact, it is fake news designed by the media to sell papers and gain viewers. Utterly pathetic and this label is getting old LOL! The truth is I, nor anyone I associate with have ever requested or participated in  an interview with any media outlet in the past seven years. My family, friends and acquaintances ignore completely the failing media and their exploitive manipulation. Hardly the acts of someone “addicted to attention”. In fact, the failing media are hypocrites and they are the ones constantly dying to be in the spotlight.

People have claimed incredible lies about me. It’s unfathomable how any credible news outlet would publish such false stories; it’s atrocious. For example: I am told a lot of irrelevant weirdos have claimed to have been in relationships with me, or to have befriended me, or to have had some sort of a connection with me, etc. I am completely bewildered, since I don’t know any of them, nor have I ever even heard of them. I don’t even know what any of them look like! Lol. Incredible. Individuals frequently alter photos to advance their agendas, or they’ve taken a quick photo with me, then spin it into wildly false and incredible stories. I have a special filter in my brain that deletes all the nonsense. As I”ve said, not one person close to me has ever given any interview and anyone claiming otherwise are morons. When someone mentions any of this nonsense, I continue to laugh. Pathetic attention seekers. People are entitled to their opinions, but not the facts – only I can provide the facts.

2) Is there a difference between Luka Magnotta and Eric Newman?

This is an interesting question, so let me say this. As I’ve gotten older I have become extremely skilled at navigating the world. Also, I have studied psychology thoroughly, it has become invaluable. I am able to analyze situations very effectively and respond accordingly.

As was widely reported but extremely inaccurate, I have no mental disorders, never have. I also take absolutely no medications. That was all fake news. In my early years I was misdiagnosed by an unqualified doctor, and this wrong diagnosis has followed me, and was exploited by my legal team. I have explained this to many doctors and they absolutely agree with me. At the time of my trial, I wished strongly to defend myself  and testify. At the advice of my sanctimonious counsel, I reluctantly declined. The “professional” with “all the experience” insisted that the “insanity defense was the only way”. I wanted absolutely nothing to do with this defense. I thought it was completely irresponsible to force this on me. It was the wrong direction in my eyes. The pontificators argued and many lawyers left out team. Instead, I was urged to meet with psychiatrists and psychologists. I continued to proclaim I wanted no part of the “NCR Defense”. These doctors presented me with absurd theories and would rummage through medical files in a frenzied attempt to find evidence for their tunnel-visioned theories.

When confronted and questioned, I denied emphatically to ever have had any mental disorder. My legal team insisted and pushed the doctors. Counsel nefariously interfered with the sessions and told me to admit and agree to the most bizarre and craziest claims thrown at me in order to be successful with their insanity defense strategy. Every time a weird claim was presented I was told to “admit and agree to it” because it would help my defense. I was extremely distressed and very reluctant, but they coveted this response. So every report these doctors made are completely false and, in my opinion, self-serving. They wanted to be a part of my trial and orchestrated opinions to accomplish their goal. A certain doctor was constantly asking me if he would be “chosen” to testify. I reassured him countless times “Yes”. This doctor was obsessed with making a name for himself – even if it meant creating misleading reports. He actually guided me every step of the way in the direction he wanted, to obtain the diagnosis he wanted. Even when I told him “I’m not schizophrenic” and I burst out laughing at this idiocy, I told me his report would help my case, and to let it happen “organically”.

Friends of mine were insistent I contact the college of physicians and the bar association to report all this insidious yet blatant pressure, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. He pushed his report just like he pushed to come onto the plane, just like he does to get onto television and write his books. The attention seeking is so hypocritical and unprofessional. He was to nice tom, but I must set the record straight with the truth so that the wild stories don’t continue to manifest. He has made such false claims that it boggles one’s mind. For instance, my personal hygiene has always been impeccable, and this was just another sad attempt by him to gain his reputation back by adding fuel to his “insanity defense” fire. Once and for all, I am NOT schizophrenic, nor is anyone related to me. We all went along with this renegade defense because of severe pressure tactics. The defense team and doctors would not allow us to tell the truth.

Luka 4 (2)

(photo sent to me by Mr. Magnotta’s associate on the outside, to be used in this interview. Copyright: Luka Magnotta)

3) What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Well, like many people, I chose not to finish high school. One day I might; however, I believe people get degrees predominantly to prove to others their accomplishments. That’s great, but I don’t have that need. You asked so I’m telling.

I study constantly and read a vast amount of law books. I also have dozens of psychology books that have armed me with invaluable tools. It’s important to never stop learning as much as possible. So yes – I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer or a psychologist, Teemu. As a teen, I did work part-time at a funeral home. I found the make-up aspect enjoyable. Also, contrary to reports, my mother was and is phenomenal. Any reports saying otherwise are completely fabricated and twisted. Also, I never had any sexual relationship with any member of my family. Complete fake news published to sell failing newspapers. These idiotic “journalists” have proven time after time that they can’t be trusted and many will have no jobs in the near future, I predict. LOL!

4 Would you describe yourself as more of a loner or a gregarious person?

I would say this. I love my alone time. However, I have a lot of friends and hardly no alone time, LOL! I lived in many cities over the years, and have made many friends and acquaintances.

You asked about which cities I like living in. Miami was phenomenal when I lived there in 2009. Los Angeles was fantastic in 2010. I also lived in northern Italy briefly. A decade ago I lived in Portugal and Spain, which were terrific. I made a lot of great relationships who come to visit me still to this day. I am very gregarious and active. I play volleyball daily. We have tennis courts and a big gym with exercise machines. I love doing yoga. Sometimes I work part time helping people prepare their legal cases. I attend school sometimes t help the unfortunate waifs who can’t read or write learn English. I also teach French.

I go jogging at night listening to my music or just relax and read in the garden. My friends keep me laughing all the time. Life is great.

5) Do you feel different than everyone else in society?

As I’ve said, there’s nothing wrong with me in any clinical sense or psychological sense. My doctors who currently meet with me completely agree. They have made report after report showing how stable and healthy I am. Briefly at my trial my treating doctor suggested I take sleeping pills and relaxers, but now I take absolutely nothing. For years I’ve been 100 % medication free. My entire life I never took any medication. I never touched drugs and don’t believe in them. The fake news is disturbing. The people claiming to have intimate knowledge about me is bewildering and the failing media who recycle lies and peddle rumors are sickening. But I suppose since no one I’ve ever known has spoken to the failing media, they must make up sources and stories and interview people I’ve never heard of. I actually think society is extremely sick.

People’s lies make feel different from the rest of society. Our culture casts people in roles and we are typecast, bound to life as characters. Any deviation from the script makes people feel uncomfortable.

Luka 1

(photo sent to me by Mr Magnotta’s friend on the outside, to be used in this interview. Copyright: Luka Magnotta)

6) Why did you want to appear in reality television shows?

I was doing modeling work and my manager suggested I try that for fun. I was not really into it, but like millions of other people, I tried it for fun. Once again, to suggest that these very few auditions are evidence of narcissism is ludicrous. Also, for my JOB I had to have photos taken; it was a requirement – not for fun. Cyber-stalking is a very real problem in our society. If these idiots copied photos of me and impersonated me online, that’s on them – that’s their problem.

I’m told people posing as me is an epidemic online. I find it so pathetic and have always ignored it. I had my personal photos on my social media accounts. I never, I repeat NEVER had any fake accounts, nor did I ever pose as anyone other than myself. This is completely fake news to the extreme. The only way anyone can prove who posted what on the other side of the internet is if they see the person posting it with their own eyes – everything else is speculation and pure assumptions. These lies were spread by lonely internet dwellers whose lives are consumed with mischief. I had 2 social medial accounts – that’s it, that’s all. They are now closed and and any you see online are complete idiots impersonating me. Someone told me the police claimed I had 80 social media accounts?? That’s interesting, since it was never presented at trial, nor was any evidence ever recovered from my laptop to suggest that. It is complete fake news. As usual, very bad sources. Poor journalism. Shameful.

I was also approached by some weird journalist in 2007 who wished to help me with online rumors. I forgot his name. But the story is as follows. Sometime in 2007 my name was connected online to Karla Homolka. I am positive this was done by a former friend and perpetuated by a former manager of mine. I was competition and they were losing money, so they attempted, unsuccessfully, to ruin my career. They wanted all the escort/sex trade work in Toronto for themselves. So pathetic. Unstable groupies and stalker began harassing me – criminal harassment. The imbeciles who work at the Toronto Police continue to bungle the majority of their cases and calls, and they mishandled all my formal complaints. My attorney fought to obtain all these complaints I made, but Toronto Police refused to release them. We were frequently told they didn’t exist or they “couldn’t find them”. Pure corruption. This was done deliberately to impede my trial. Any evidence favoring me was seen as a threat to them. So this predatory reporter told me they would expose this rumor and assist me in setting the record straight. For the last time, as I told this reporter in 2007, I do not know this woman [Homolka].  Unstable people created online rumors without my knowledge. This was all very bizarre to me. My legal team were in the process of helping me sue for defamation, but instead saw an opportunity to push further the insanity defense.

So, without my knowledge, they “leaked” that I “admitted” to creating this bizarre rumor. I immediately threatened to fire Luc Leclair, but he assured me it would help the “not criminally insane” defense. I was adamant and still am, I had absolutely nothing to do with this woman or any rumor. My attorney had it snuck into the report and I was livid. I was told “it will make you look more ill”. I even fired the other lawyer for this insubordination.

I also never wrote the government of Canada, my fingerprints were not on anything. It was established it was not my handwriting. I insist to this day I never wrote any notes, sent any packages or wrote anyone’s addresses on any boxes. There is a lot more to this story than was made public and a lot of people responsible.

7) Why did you create and post violent photos online?

Actually, I never testified at my trial, so everyone else has had their chance to speak. So now, it is my turn.

I never in my life harmed any animals – I actually adore them. I take care of animals nowadays. I was falsely accused of willingly participating in some bizarre animal videos. I’m completely bewildered, and all I can say is the following: I lived in Long Island, New York, and also New York City for years. Unfortunately I was battered and violently assaulted by daily by my fiancé, Manny Lopez. This psychopathic individual whom abused me severely needs to be looked at for his actions, and those he associates with. I hired a lawyer, Romeo Salta, in New York City to assist me. Photos of my abuse and the black eyes and bruises all over my body prove what I’m saying. The reports filed with NYPD confirm what I’m saying, and so do the accompanying witness statements from my friends.

The NYPD and later the Miami Beach Police did absolutely nothing. As most police have reputations for doing nothing. Police, in my opinion, are useless the majority of time. One does not have to be physically isolated in order to be emotionally isolated. I was an abused victim of this man and his associates. I also am completely bewildered as to why anyone is connecting me to any of this. Photoshopped pictures cries from pathetic animal lovers mean nothing and are not admissible.

I also lived in London, England. Predatory “reporters” there harassed me at my hotel. I refused to speak with them, as usual, since I don’t associate with scumbags. They secretly recorded me and edited this tape. Later they sent many public messages to me on my social media. They claim an anonymous email was sent to them around this time threatening them. They attributed this to me and I always denied it. In fact, London Police came to my hotel, and they told me anyone could have sent that email since these idiot reporters posted publically everywhere at that time, and they “just met with me”.

It’s my belief some mischievous animal fanatics sent this email. It’s widely reported Scotland Yard did an investigation and determined it was not me, there was no proof it was me and it came from, according to them, the Netherlands. So more fake news. From desperate tabloids hellbent on selling their failing papers. Very irresponsible. SAD, actually. Makes me laugh. Before he died, my friend Urs Hans von Aesch, was actually teaching me a lot about internet security when I lived in Europe.

8) People call you a psychopath. Are you?

*chuckle* LOL! Absolutely not. Every doctor who has ever diagnosed me has said I’m not. I have seen over 20 “experts” and not one has made that diagnosis. Any doctor who has not met me and believes they can make a diagnosis should have their medical license revoked. This label is thrown around lightly, and it’s irresponsible. It’s not true.

I just had my IQ tested and it is 132. The failing media peddles fake news again. It’s all fiction, folks! I will say this: I had 2 residences in Montreal, one for work and one that was private. I usually did this in every city I’ve lived in. Police make claims they “traced” me to cities at certain times. Not true, this is done the majority of the time through cell records or credit cards. If I didn’t want to be bothered, it’s easy to allow a friend to use these things to leave a “footprint” in one place when I was in fact in another. The police, as I’ve said, are imbeciles. Also, facial recognition and RFID fail a lot of the time. So, I only brought dates to the [other] apartment in Montreal – I did not live there!

A lot of shady people lived there and I spoke to none of them. Not one of them. People have forced me into situations, threatening my life. I was the victim of abuse and harassment. The people involved in my case were never sought out by the corrupt Montreal Police. Yes, folks – they are among the most corrupt in Canada. It’s widely reported the Toronto Police are also extremely corrupt. Look it up. These cops were too focused on their notoriety and had tunnel vision on me. I was framed many times. Society is force fed media propaganda. My trial was flawed and the judge errored in law many times, entitling me to a new trial. The jury room was broken into and evidence was stolen. The judge commented on this. Conveniently, the security cameras were not functioning. The jurors were idiots and misconducted themselves. One juror, she bragged at a party she “thought I was guilty beforehand”. Idiot. Another, she actually worked for Detective Claudette Hamlin’s husband’s grocery store!

So who better to say this than people with firsthand knowledge!

10) What TV shows do you watch? What books are you reading? What films are you watching?

I watch historical documentaries and biographies. I also enjoy The X-Files. I just watched a Lana Turner bio. I finished reading The Big Bad Wolf by James Patterson. It was phenomenal, and mirrored my life in so many ways. I also enjoyed “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and Cradle and All by Patterson. We have all the new movie channels, so movie nights are regular.

11) In closing, what would you like people to take with them from this interview?

Well, people can think what they want, I’m not here to change people’s opinions of me. I could care less. You asked me questions, the lies told about me are unbelievable. So I set the record straight. I’m absolutely nothing like what I’ve been portrayed as. Yes, I have considered doing an on-camera interview, I am legally entitled, but for 2 reasons I don’t.

First, CSC bribes inmates so they don’t do the interview, and second I haven’t found any trustworthy, fair or credible outlet. I simply have no desire to work with any of these assholes. I want nothing to do with any of the unstable, idiotic, lonely women who write me at Port Cartier prison. In fact, I won’t be here. Because I’ve put in a transfer. I want nothing to do with any of the idiots who write me in hopes of gaining God knows what. So stupid people are. That’s all.


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