Interview with Zena from the Real Queen of Horror blog

Zena is an American blogger and YouTuber who operates in the horror genre. Her insights into films and other pop culture items are interesting and insightful – to such an extent, in fact, that I decided to interview her so my readers could be introduced to her work as well.

Thank you, Zena, for your time!

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Zena, Real Queen of Horror

Who are you? Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hello, everyone! My name is Zena and I own the blog I have been watching horror movies before I could even remember, so I desperately needed an outlet to share my love! Nine years ago, I put my creativity and passion for the genre to use and started my blog. Since then, I’ve been able to meet amazing people around the world, watch incredible movies and discover additional passions in and outside of horror.

What are your earliest memories of the horror genre?

My mother would always watch some of the craziest and creepiest horror movies. At four years old, I was always attached to her and insisted on staying in the room while the haunting images entered my mind. To me, my mother and I were best friends — and best friends do everything together, including watch horror movies together. 

One of the first horror movies I remember watching is Kevin S. Tenney’s Night of the Demons (1988). I vividly remember the animated opening, and I just assumed, at my tender age of four, that it was a Halloween cartoon. Instead, the terror I received lasted me a lifetime, igniting a love for the genre.


Why do you think it spoke to you? Why this and not, say, musicals?

There was something about horror movies that I could not get enough. Yes, I was completely terrified, but I loved it. I remember watching movies that made me afraid of the dark, but again, I could not get enough of them. The genre was my thing, my hobby. Some girls like horses. I, on the other hand, like my horror!   

Where do you prefer to watch movies? Home, cinema?

I prefer both. Some movies, I think, are better to watch at home. Others need to be enjoyed in theaters. Either way, for me it’s always an enjoyable experience. 

You made a trip to the shooting locations of Deathdream, one of my all time favorites. How important is this film to you? What’s the place like where they filmed it?

You have such great taste since Deathdream is one of your favorites! Deathdream is such a special movie because it’s filled with so much emotion. Truth be told, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I first watched it. I was just such a huge Bob Clark and Alan Orsmby fan.For 88 minutes, we endured to the fear of dying. Then we succumbed to the horror of losing a loved one. We experienced the horror of someone breaking in our home. We also experienced the horror of time or events changing our loved ones for the worst. We survived the horror of being stretched beyond our norms. And just when we thought that was it, we found ourselves incriminated by the horrors of the paranormal.  

Luckily, I don’t live too far from some of the filming locations. I had such a blast seeing it in person. It’s a small town, very quiet and peaceful but it looks a little sppoky! I can definitely see why they decided to film in downtown Brooksville because of that. I’d love to film a horror movie there as well!  

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Who is your favorite horror antagonist?

Freddy Krueger. Not only is he scary, but he’s funny. Best of both worlds! 

Your top 3 movies?

This always changes for me, but currently, they are Veronica (2017), Pin (1988) and Terrified (2017).

Your top 3 horror books?

The Women in the Walls by Amy Lukavics, Summer of Fear by Lois Duncan and Carrie by Stephen King.  

Your top 3 horror soundtracks?

Another one that changes for me often! Tourist Trap (1979), Zombi (1979) and The Guest (2014)

Anything you would like to add to this interview?

Thank you so much for inviting me to this interview. I appreciate it so much.  

Where can people keep up with your work?

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel, I talk about horror of course!

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