Interview with James Simpson, author of Video Nasty Mayhem

I recently came across an interesting book about the time of the “video nasties”, a horror phenomenon from the time when VHS ruled the movie market. Some of you might even remember those days when sneaking a “forbidden”… Read More

Trip to Kiev and Chernobyl

It is a massive mistake to travel to a destination and expect your visit to give you a kind of transcendental ”understading” of what happened there. Doing so is like peeling an onion, and expecting there to be… Read More

Your Creepy Stories, part 7

Collection #7 of stories from readers and followers of my Instagram ( Thank You to everyone who contributed! Anonymous: This is my encounter with a murderer not really a serial killer but here it goes, I was like… Read More

ForenSeek – the true crime/mystery app!

We are proud to present the product of 6 months of designing, coding and content creation: ForenSeek, a true crime/mystery app that takes you on adventures to the dark side of history and the present day.We are constantly… Read More

The Ghosts of Marjaniemi. Visit to a haunted villa.

Some weeks ago, my brother hosted a sales event at an old mansion called Marjaniemi in Ruissalo, Turku, Finland. Afterwards, he told me that the hostess of the building had given the guests a “ghost tour” of the… Read More