Your Creepy Stories, part 7

Collection #7 of stories from readers and followers of my Instagram ( Thank You to everyone who contributed! Anonymous: This is my encounter with a murderer not really a serial killer but here it goes, I was like… Read More

ForenSeek – the true crime/mystery app!

We are proud to present the product of 6 months of designing, coding and content creation: ForenSeek, a true crime/mystery app that takes you on adventures to the dark side of history and the present day.We are constantly… Read More

The Ghosts of Marjaniemi. Visit to a haunted villa.

Some weeks ago, my brother hosted a sales event at an old mansion called Marjaniemi in Ruissalo, Turku, Finland. Afterwards, he told me that the hostess of the building had given the guests a “ghost tour” of the… Read More

Vlad, Vampires, and Other Horrors! Interview with Dr. Tuomas Hovi.

On a grey and rainy Winter day in January 2019, I sat down for lunch with Doctor Tuomas Hovi, lecturer on Folkloristics at the University of Turku. Over some pizza, we discussed Tuomas’ specialties: notorious Romanian ruler Vlad… Read More


Interview with Doug Blair, guitarist from W.A.S.P.

Some time ago, I had the honor and pleasure of sitting down for lunch with Doug Blair, guitarist of the legendary rock band W.A.S.P.! We discussed life, music, movies, and other important topics. Below is my interview with… Read More