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Time for another selection of creepy stories from my followers over at Instagram.

Thank you to everyone who contributed!


– Yuridia

It happened when I was about 13. We lived in that house for about a year when it happened. When we first moved in I never felt like I was alone, especially at night. You’d get that feeling of being watched constantly, more so when no one else was home.

It was a Friday night since I didn’t have a bed time, I was laying in my bed playing a few games on my phone when I saw a shadow pass by the edge of my bed. I thought it was my sister going into my bathroom, she started shuffling through my drawers and even opened the shower door. When everything went quiet I called out my sister’s name, I didn’t get a response back so I decided to get up. Going towards my bathroom I said “what are you looking for?” and I heard a voice say “nothing“. Once I turned on the light and peeked in I realized that the shadow I had seen wasn’t my sister, it wasn’t even a person.

I freaked out and ran to the living room where my sister and her husband were at. I told them what had happened. My sister didn’t let me sleep in my room that night. Around 3 in the morning I felt my sister shake me while I was sleeping. I looked at her and she looked terrified, she was frozen just staring towards my niece’s crib. When I looked to see what she was looking at I saw the same shadow just standing there, standing over my niece’s crib, watching them sleep. We couldn’t get anything out of our mouths, we couldn’t even move, until finally my sister called out her husband’s name and as soon as she did the shadow looked towards us. I’ll never forget what she looked like and how so much sadness filled the room.

After that night we decided to do some research but sadly couldn’t find anything. I still dream about her to this day, each time feeling more sadness than before.

– John

Alright so I have several stories.

It all definitely started when I was younger. I lived in a haunted house. Things from shadows. Freezing cold rooms (even though we didn’t have access and it was 90 outside). Things moved constantly in the house. You’d hear a door shut but none were actually shut. I had a closet between my room and my mom’s – no matter how much light (flash light included) there was always a dark corner.

I’d go to bed and sometimes wake up naked with scratches (that went on through my teens as well) and my clothes would be buried in the back yard. And it happened several times. I’m only aware of this because I found all of my clothes one day; a pair of pants we’re sticking out of the dirt. But they would steadily get closer to the shed…

One day I tried to go dig up what seemed to be a freshly dug square in my small shed’s floor. This is when I felt a burning in my back and a sense of fear I have yet to feel. I took off and never went back to the shed.

In this house I’ve had someone breathe down my neck. One of those stupid paranormal activity movies, I think, has a scene I couldn’t watch for the longest time. It’s a scene where the girl has the blankets slowly pulled off her bed. Except when it happened to me I pulled back and held on. It pulled and pulled and then just ripped it out of my hands and across my bedroom into the dark. I wouldn’t leave my room – I told it so. That’s when it got cold and I started to feel that fear, and I pissed myself and ran out of the room.

That was just a couple stories from that house..

When I was older, I used to live in the apartments across from Parkland College in Champagne, Illinois. This place was something else. I had three roommates, all women, and they had a dog and cat and fish. In this house I saw a black dog and was not alone. If you can imagine a square room with a couch on both walls and a recliner in the side part but all pointed to the TV. In the middle was a coffee table. We all were watching TV. And we all heard and saw a black dog sit next to the recliner. I was across from the recliner, roommate and her boyfriend were on the couch to my right, and to our right in a square shape is my other roommate and she was in the recliner. We all saw the dog.

I got mad. Because we have a black dog that is a female and isn’t fixed so she is bleeding and needs a diaper. Her owners suck and didn’t get her one so I got mad and told her to go to her cage so she doesn’t make a mess. The dog didn’t move. The owners said the same thing, but the dog still didn’t move. I finally got up, and when I chose to do so, so did the dog. The dog then turned away from us and walked down the hall to the steps that go upstairs and are across from the kitchen door. Me and everyone else heard the dog go up the stairs. It had a collar and all.

In the kitchen of the same place I had something whisper my name into my ear clear as day. It made me break down and cry. I woke up the whole house freaking out. This is the same house where in my room you could never adjust your eyes.

I had a roommate recently who wouldn’t listen to me and went online to find those stupid “haunted numbers”. Well, he may have found one cause after that his car tried to back out of the driveway by itself. His phone giggled at us once while we were listening to music.

Once I was hanging out with a woman named Carissa (who would later give me my daughter) When we met she was at some women’s housing thing. So about this place, a couple of stories. One time I was sleeping and can swear someone climbed in bed with me. Her door to her room once flew up and shut. I don’t know what I saw or anything at all but I remember beedy eyes. No one was there other than us at the time, and Clarissa was in the kitchen.

I was at my sister-in-law’s in Crosse County, Wisconsin, and I had just got off work. Tired as hell. So I came in through the back of the house. There’s a screen door and a reg door, of which the first room is a washer and dryer, and the second room is the kitchen, and you have to go through another door there, too. In the kitchen (it’s small box) is a staircase that goes downstairs into the basement. To turn the light on you have to flip the switch on the wall, which also turns on the microwave. The whole time I had a voice telling me to go downstairs and smoke. I just nuked some food and ate it and then went to bed on her couch in the living room. When I went to turn off the light I swear I saw a whole shadow arm and hand reach for me. I even ducked! I stood there for a minute, staring into total darkness. The kind of dark where your eyes won’t adjust, even though you have light. I walked away and laid down on the couch. When you flip that switch it’s a really loud click. I laid down, and that’s when I heard a loud click. I looked down near my feet and saw that in the kitchen the microwave was back on, which meant that so was the light. I didn’t get up, just went to sleep. I woke up the next day and laughed as I asked my sister if the light and microwave was on – “my bad, I forgot last night, I think“. She said they were not on when she was the first one up.

– Lim

1) When I was 4-5 years old, I remembered clearly going to sleep at 9 pm straight after my mum sang a lullaby to me. However, I suddenly woke up at 1 or 2 a.m., which was between “the devils hour”, which I know now. I saw something horrifying staring at me at the foot of my bed. I remember he was as tall as my cardboard, he was faceless, thin and pale. I was instantly scared out of my wits. I closed my eyes and covered myself with the blankets. It was fucking scary, and I swear I thought I was going to die back then. Nothing but the silence, that made it horrible. From then on I kept having visions and hallucinations of it, everyday I was haunted by some sort of weird visions of him. It only stopped after some time.

However, he appeared again and again, and every time the visions and hallucinations got worse. I never told my mum because she couldn’t seem to see it, and when she entered my room, it teleported away faster than she could perceive. I tried to tell my friends but they didn’t believe me. I wondered why I wasn’t hurt by that scary thing. But by 11 years old, it stopped and I’m free of seeing any of it now.

2) I was searching up on the supernatural: the mysteries of magic, wicca, and the laws of witchcraft, and so on. The thing was that ever since I was a child, whenever I said “ghost”, I could hear footsteps of someone not in the room. It was like I was inviting that thing in.

When I was thinking what was the correct pronouciation of “succubus”, I accidentally said it out loud. I instantly heard clanging against my window. I saw a blink of red but it vanished soon after. I thought I was hallucinating. But when I saw flashes of red and it started to form a shape of a demon, I instantly ran out. I went back in, however, being stuipid, and I offed the lights while watching TV. That’s when I looked at the mirror and saw in a flash some kind of monster or demonic being right beside me, smiling at me. That’s when I ran out and never went inside. During when I was going back home, I felt something follow me, watching me. When I was going to bed, I heard “Hello, Iain!”, and a cackle of female laughter. I was terrified. I forced myself to sleep. By the next day it stopped.

– Sid

Around December of last year I was staying by myself at my house. I was browsing the internet when I started to feel very uncomfortable and I started hearing some weird shit in my celler. I took my flashlight and went into my basement where after opening the door to the guest room, I heard a very intense buzzing sound and my vision started becoming grainy (if that makes sense). I blacked out on the carpet and when I woke up, I was in my second floor bathroom with my flashlight in my pocket and a ton of water on me and the floor. Afterwards I called over a friend to investigate the basement and we found nothing. Since then I’ve always been slightly on edge whenever I’m near the guest room by myself. I’ve never had another experience like this, and the sound of buzzing/grainy vision has never occurred again.

– Lomana

A couple years back I was home alone & I was in the bathroom. My dogs were locked in the lounge so what happened couldn’t of been them. I heard someone heavy footed spring down the hallway. It was absolutely terrifying. It never happened again after that night.

– Joao

Since my grandpa died 10 years ago, I have always felt a someone or something looking at me, mostly at my home. It really scared me because it was a strong energy. My grandpa visited my mom and aunt several times in their dreams. This year he visited me and we talked and cried together. Since then I never felt that presence looking at me.

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