Hunt a Killer

If hobbies like this existed when I was a teenager, I would never have suffered a day of boredom.

Hunt A Killer (their website is here) is a company that provides a service that I have no problem advertising in my blog; it goes perfectly with the themes I write and post about, and I genuinely think my readers and Instagram followers would enjoy this.


When you sign up with them, each month you will receive a package containing a new batch of clues. The package you get physically contains a notebook, mysterious hints, and a letter from a shadowy figure that kind of resembles Hannibal Lecter in the film Silence of the Lambs.

Your job then is to put the clues together and go after the solution. The package leads you on a fun quest for answers, and is the kind of brainteaser to tickle the fancy of a mystery buff.

I just started this last night, and it’s pretty addictive. Extra points for the creepy letter…

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