Book review. One Town’s Son, by Kevin Troxall.


I love stories about people going back to their hometowns to uncover something left behind, to reconsider something they thought they were certain about back in the day. Troxall’s book, therefore, hits all the right notes with me.

In the book Troxall returns to his hometown in Kentucky to dig into a mystery that happened there in 2004. I want to be as vague as possible about the plot, as this is very much a plot-driven true story, and discovering the elements that create the narrative is the most enjoyable aspect of the book.

One Town’s Son is written very well, and the narrator (Troxall) guides us through the events with a humane voice, one empathetic to suffering and shattered hearts. Make no mistake, though: this is not an overly sentimental journey down memory lane – another thing the book does very well is build suspense.

I highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in buried secrets, true crime or mysteries in general. I read most of this book while visiting my own hometown in northern Finland. Made me wonder about the various skeletons in the closets of my own childhood friends and neighbors…

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