Your paranormal stories, part 3.

More paranormal stories from readers of this blog and followers from my Instagram.


I had been really sad after my beloved dog had to be euthanized unexpectedly. I could barely do anything but blame myself and cry myself to sleep, and I had trouble taking care of myself. One night, I woke up to a something that sounded like the dog had jumped on her own chair. I looked around in the dark, saw no-one on the chair, but still felt like something unusual is going on. I jokingly called the dog’s name and tapped my leg to invite her close to me, just like I had done hundreds of times when she was alive. I heard the chair move, and suddenly felt something landing on my hip. I clearly felt four little paws stepping on me. The paws took a few steps, like trying to find a good spot to settle down on. Then, after a bit of shifting, the paws stopped and I felt the dog lie down on me. I knew she was in there with me, telling me not to worry. The pressure on the spot she was lying slowly decreased until it disappeared completely. All that was left was a cold spot where she was lying, and a stream of warm tears running across my face.


My grandfather was a man who appreciated good humor. He was always joking around and making pranks. On January couple of years ago he was spending his last days in the hospital, and me and other relatives visited him. He was over 90 years old, veteran of war, but still he found beauty in everyone and everything. He had already lost most of his ability to talk, so we were just holding his hand and making him feel comfortable. He didn’t say many understandable words, but suddenly started insisting that we ”take care of the little birds”, a request which we didn’t understand at the moment. Not many hours later he passed away. Fast forward a couple of months, I noticed a pair of European goldfinches making a nest outside my window. They are pretty rare where I live, and I had never seen them before either. But there they were: a pair of one of the most colorful birds in Finland. I called my grandmother to tell about this, and she told me she had a bird’s nest outside her window too. But instead of small, colorful birds, the nest was inhabited by a Hooded Crow. We laughed. That’s just Grandpa’s sense of humor.

Kelly K.:

I grew up in the small town of Pacific Grove in California.  One night in 1990, my cousin and I went to go see “Night of the Living Dead” remake at our local movie theatre.  We were both 16 years old at the time.  When the movie ended it was a little after midnight and we were both freaked out by the movie.  BUT we wanted to scare ourselves even more.  So we decided we’d drive through the Pacific Grove cemetery to really freak ourselves out.  The cemetery was a spot where a lot of local teenagers would drive through and sometimes park and walk around at night just to get a good scare.

My cousin and I both realized that we couldn’t remember exactly how to get there because the cemetery is kind of hidden within a neighborhood.  We drove down Lighthouse Avenue, which was eerily quiet with nobody out and about, and stopped at a gas station and went inside to ask for directions.  The employee there looked like he was the same age as us.  We asked him for directions on how to get to the cemetery and he started laughing and said he actually didn’t know how to get there either.  All of a sudden, literally out of nowhere, this really old frail looking super pale white man in a old brown suit appeared. We literally did not see him even walk up to enter the gas station and there were no other cars parked outside.  My cousin and I both kind of jumped back because he literally looked like death.
He looked at my cousin and I and said “You’re looking for the cemetery?”  We said “ummm yes”.  He said “I’ll tell you how to get there”.  He then gave us directions on how to get there and then just walked away.  We ran to her car and were laughing about how scary the old man was and then drove the directions the old man told us and minutes later we were at the cemetery.  All we wanted to do was drive through for a second… get a good scare and then get out.
We drove into the cemetery’s open gate slowly and went down the little paved road into the center of the cemetery.  We did a quick loop and turned off the headlights for a second, got a good scare and then proceeded to drive back out.   We turned back onto the little paved road to exit and as we got closer to the gate to exit, we see what appears to be a man standing to the side of the gate.  By now its like 12:30am and why would any one be standing there.
As we got closer to the gate, the headlights shone on the man that was standing there.  IT WAS THE OLD MAN FROM THE GAS STATION!!!! He just stood there!! My cousin screamed and all I could do was freeze and grip onto the seat as tight as I could.  We locked her doors and proceeded to drive out of the gate to leave which was the only entrance or exit.  The old man just stared at us. His eyes followed us the entire time and he turned his body all the way around to keep looking at us as we exited.  No smile… No wave.  Just stared a cold blank stare.  He was so pale and that’s when I realized that his brown suit looked like something someone would be buried in!   We drove home as fast as we could while trying to make sense to how that old man got to the cemetery as fast as we did when he didn’t appear to be driving… How did he appear at the gas station out of nowhere… Why did he look like a dead guy?  Seriously the scariest thing that has ever happened to either one of us!
In my hometown, there is an abandoned slaughter house, where they would slaughter animals for meat a while back. It is illegal to go in but no one cares, everyone goes in anyway. It’s right next to a residential area so it is quite the thrill and really risky. Now to the actually scary part. They say a teenage girl killed herself on the second floor. It’s just speculation and has never been proven. But I have been there twice. Never making it to the second floor. The first time me and my friend went. We chilled for a little and then he wanted to go to the second floor. It was my first time so I was curious and accepted. We walked by an intact room and heard a terribly loud bang. Like a rock falling 50 feet and landing on hollow metal. We immediately bolted 5 blocks away and I couldn’t sleep that night wondering what it was. Then the second time. It was planned with 4 people rather than 2. We walked in and showed the 2 newbies around the first floor. Then we got to the stairs. Bigger group more safety right? Wrong. There was an inhuman groan from upstairs, but we assumed it was the old wood and bricks and continued. Then at the top we shined our flashlights in. It was a thin corridor with multiple doors. We walked in and then there was a thud. We shined in the third direction and it was a fucking rope. We booked it down the stairs only to be greeted by a large crack at the entrance/exit and another groan. The newbies were crying and, to be honest, I was damn near close. We managed to escape out of the open side that led to the residential area. The worst part is that that was near the staircase and I swear I saw a fucking girl at the top of the stairs. I never went back again.
Tyler J.:
There’s this eerie bridge here in San Antonio, TX that’s dubbed the “Donkey Lady Bridge”. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of it as it’s pretty popular among the American population (it definitely is popular among the Southwest at least). There are a couple of stories that surround the history of this bridge. One (and the most popular) story was that there was a woman and her 2 children who were in their home when the lady’s husband set fire to the house. Her children both passed away and the woman was so badly disfigured that her fingers and toes warped together to form hoove-like hands and feet. Her face was also horrifically disfigured that her face resembled a donkey.
Another story that surrounds this bridge was that there was a woman who owned a pet donkey. Said donkey bit a young boy while she was walking it one day and the boy went home to tell his father. The father gathered several friends of his and they plotted to capture this donkey. They waited in the forested area to see if the woman would show up again. She did and so the men jumped in front of them, grabbed the donkey and threw it into the nearby river. The woman began throwing rocks at the men and so they chased her down, grabbed her and threw into the same river where she drowned. Legend says that her and the donkey’s souls fused together to form one angry spirit. It’s said that this angry spirit walks around the bridge and is described to have “big, scary eyes, great strength and a very banshee-ish and vicious scream.
Yeah there’s a lot of stories that surround the history of this place and I, myself went to go see it. It’s very, very, VERY eerie but I didn’t actually see and feel anything.
Vanessa P. :

Many years ago my mother, cat Fluffy and I lived in a cottage in Aughton, Lancashire. In years gone by the cottage used to be only one room upstairs and one room downstairs. This property was used in Oliver Cromwell’s time, during the Battle of Aughton Moor, as a stable downstairs and accommodation for the stable lad upstairs.

We were all sat quietly one evening listening to the wireless when a grey shadowy figure came through the wall from the adjacent property on the left, passed across the front window and drifted through the wall to the right. The view of the wall on the right, where the figure passed through, was obscured by the staircase (the property was now two rooms upstairs and two rooms downstairs). It took a few seconds to realise what we had seen and the room went noticeable chilly.

As soon as Fluffy the cat saw the figure his fur stood sharply on end and he appeared mesmerized by the grey floating shadow. He followed the figure with his eyes, in his mind (and a little in ours) it had gone upstairs. But this person was obviously just passing through.

Nevertheless Fluffy went slowly and carefully up the stairs to follow, as he thought, the ghostly figure. He didn’t find it but it took a lot of coaxing to get him back downstairs again for his supper.  

As I believe all time exists now, maybe this wasn’t so strange an occurrence.


I work as a teacher in a private school. The school building where I work was once a warehouse. The school owner just renovated it, only using the ground floor. The second floor is unused. It’s painted to look like a country barn. I have had a few experiences in this school. My first was prepping for my lessons in front of my desktop computer in school. Take note that i was f facing a glass wall. When I glanced at the wall, I saw someone passed behind me, leaving the room. He opened the door. When I looked back, the door was closed. No sign of someone opening it.

My second experience was inside the school laboratory where the glass wall is attached. It was just after my class in the lab. Just as I was cleaning the apparatuses I used, I saw someone stood behind me. I was standing in front of the sink, but I saw from my periphery that someone wearing a white shirt and black pants was standing there. I thought it was my student so I faced that direction was about to ask my student what he’s doing there when I saw that no one was there. The room was small and there’s nowhere he could have hidden. I hurriedly finished my tasks and went out of the room. Still gives me the chills every time I think of it.

Since then I would hear stories from the staff working in the school. A neighbor would always see a woman go out of the school around 11 pm to 12 midnight. Sometimes when my workmates would decide to stay late, we would hear bangs of doors, as if telling us to go home already. Or a student would hear footsteps from the second floor every 3 pm of every day. I don’t know what the history of that place is but I always do my best to not stay later than usual. It’s a kind of place you don’t want to be alone in even at daytime. It always gives you the creeps. I just hope these spirits don’t bother my students.


I live with my parents in a two story house, but we only use the second floor for living. We had a blind and deaf dog so we had to keep the stairway doors closed at all time so she wouldn’t fall down the stairs. One night I went to the bathroom just to take off my make-up because I had fallen asleep with it. When I woke up, I roamed through the hallway and to the bathroom. I was inside for 2 minutes max. When I got out, the stairway doors were wide open.

That was the first red flag, because as I said, we always closed the doors. I presumed it was one of my parents that needed to use the bathroom downstairs. I confronted my parents about the incident the next morning, but both of them said that no one had gone downstairs.

Since I was a kid, this house has had a paranormal vibe. My mother said she saw her father after he passed away, my grandma saw her sister, etc.



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