Your Creepy Stories, part 7


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This is my encounter with a murderer not really a serial killer but here it goes, I was like 7 or 8 at the time it was 2007-8 and there was this gas station it was newer but abandoned, and someone bought it and turned it into a small flea market/yard sale and it was like a store where you basically buy second hand things that the owner didn’t really want in his house and he sold hamsters that he bred. And there was another guy there and he was very quiet and creepy, he was like a taller fat shoulder length curly hair Jonah Hill. We and my mother went there once and that one time the guy that owned the place was very nice and funny but the other guy kinda hovered about.

Well a month or two later an old man went missing and his body parts were found chopped up all over the county. It was those two guys, and how it happened was the nicer guy was arguing with the old man in the store over something and the weird guy came up behind him and stabbed him in the back of the head with a screwdriver and then they ditched the truck in the middle of nowhere and chopped up the body.


This happened a few years ago. I was living with my friend for the summer and her apartment building was built probably in the early ‘20s. I’ve had creepy stuff happen my whole life to the point where the people around me started saying I was haunted. I’ve had non-believers begin to believe because of the amount of stuff that has happened.

In this particular incident we were just minding our business and watching tv. Her two chairs were set up with a table in between us. All of a sudden I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up and get really cold. I just ignored it because it’s happened before and I had gotten used to it. This time it was different though it felt like someone was approaching me or sneaking up behind me. Out of the corner of my eye I see a face creep up inches from mine. Our faces were side by side, It was a pitch black figure, had a faded outline, and looked to be floating. I didn’t move, I couldn’t move, until a hand began to creep over my shoulder and grabbed me. I whipped to look and nothing was there and my friend didn’t see it, and didn’t believe me. Anyways the next day as I was taking a nap on the couch my friend all of a sudden launches over the back of it, landing on me, and screams at me to wake up. She then tells me there was a black figure that was behind her in the bathroom as she brushed her hair. She described exactly what I had saw grab me. I have never felt scared when creepy stuff happened around me but this was different. We have both moved since then.


I don’t know if this count. But I will share with you. So my father was a pastor in Mississippi starting in  the 80’s . The very first thing that happened at this church was once a year they would vote to keep him or find a new pastor. So my family and I was outside waiting for them to vote. And this man came walking out the graveyard. He put his coat on his hat he spoke and walked in the church we all waved at him. My daddy said “I wonder if he is a member I haven’t met yet.”

Ok they voted, and he came out of the church. He waved bye and walked back into the graveyard. As he was returning he was taking his coat and hat back off. And my dad said “Maybe his wife has passed and he misses her.”

We went back inside the church, and the people had voted for him to stay. So after he thanked everyone he asked who was the man he thought we had met everyone being we been there a while. A member got up and said “that was my uncle. He passed away years ago but he was a big part of voting when he was alive. And since he has passed.”

Anyway when it’s time to vote we always see the doors open and close at the beginning of the vote and open and close at the end of the vote. She asked us what was he wearing and we told them she said that’s what he was buried in. And after church they took us to his grave and they showed us a picture of him and that’s the man we saw.

The next thing that happened at this church was having services in the summer weeks.  Now we are from Tennessee and we drove to Mississippi for church. My father’s friend was preaching this night and a lady started shouting how she was HAPPY everyone was there! Then it took a dark turn. She was possessed and it was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed in my life. The way her voice sounded, the way her face looked…

They stopped to get her together and she said she was ok. But soon as he stared preaching again she was right back at it. Everyone was concerned, so her family got her to the car, but all the way there she was fighting, biting, spitting, everything. They got her in the car put her in the back seat, put the car and air on for her.

Now we were standing around, and I guess no one really thought it was real. Until she didn’t know how to open the car door to get out the car. She was knocking on the windows saying she was ok just let her out the car. And when no one did her face and voice changed again. It was awful! Long story short they finally got her away. And she was never able to come back to church again. At all. She would say it hurt for her to be there.


I had a paranormal and maybe a near death experience this February at home.
I had been home alone for weeks – my brothers were in school and my parents went on a business trip, I was left to take care of the house and myself. Anyway, we’ve been experiencing some strange happenings in the house: from spoons falling in the kitchen to doors closing; loud/heavy thuds in the ceiling to footsteps around the house.

In February, on a Monday morning, being as lazy as I can be, was asleep till 10 am. I woke up still feeling sleepy when I saw a tall black shadow standing by door of my room. I had thought to myself *how did an intruder manage to enter with the gates locked * then it walked to the end of my bed, climbed it (I felt its movement on the bed) and began choking me, I tried standing up, but it was too strong and the good thing was, I was laying on my chest -so it couldn’t really get round my neck. It continued choking me for what felt like an eternity, I was almost passing out and I was praying in my heart that it should leave. Then it disappeared. My neck hurt for the rest of the day and I couldn’t sleep that night, stayed awake cause I felt it would come back when I sleep. I was alone for two more months till my parents returned and I had to tell them. We prayed about it, and I haven’t experienced that since.


 I live Indonesia and I used to live in jambi Sumatra and if you do research in 2012 one of the students in Al-Azhar named Fadillah Krisma Ataya got into an accident. She was hit by the school car; I remember vividly how it happened. I was between seven to eight that time it was lunch time and I was feeling a bit lazy to go to the canteen with my friends so I stayed in class until I have the urge to buy a drink.

My school has two canteens just say the canteen am going is the nearest to my class and the teacher lounges, and that’s when it happened. I was walking, nobody is there except me and I see a girl drinking water right in front of the canteen entrance – and just then a loud crash was heard. I stopped right in my tracks a few meters away from the car. Half of her body is flung inside the canteen. Glass shard was everywhere and the black van was broken to a pulp. I don’t know how to react, and just drop down in shock.

School was canceled that day and we have a week off

Two weeks after the accidents I keep having nightmares of that girl. She keeps appearing in my dreams, with half of her body just crawling to me while smoke and glass shards keep showering my vision to the point where I am too afraid to go to sleep. Not only that, but I don’t feel safe anywhere even near my parents. I feel like like someone keeps following me and whispering cryptic things.

A month of nightmares and chills that’s when it’s happened

My mom says she only will take a while so she left me in the car. (A reminder: Jambi is a small town.) The parking lot was in an open space behind the bank. When we arrive, the first thing I notice is the big oak tree in the middle of the parking lot. I was weirded out but ignored it.

I was waiting in the car for I think 8/10 minutes when I got the chills again, but this time it’s more subtle, more real. I feel tense and scared and sit in the driver’s seat pressing my back hard but I still feel the burning eyes behind me. That’s when I looked into the rearview mirror. On my right I see her, the girl, but her body is whole for some reason!

I panicked and looked away and looked back, but see nothing. I know if I look at the rearview mirror again she will be there, so I decided to go out of the car. But I know I can’t leave the car alone while being on so I tried pulling out the keys but it won’t budge! I tried twisting it but it Still won’t budge!

I look left and right, there’s no one, but when I see the mirror again she’s there! Getting closer and closer I was having a panic attack breathing hard and I was like ‘leave the car and just run!’ ‘Open the door and just run’

I tried! I really tried! I tried unlocking it and opened it but for some reason it won’t open! I start banging the window hoping someone will hear and help me but my eyes caught something red behind me.

I feel like I made a bad decision to look back – I saw the girl staring at me with dead eyes with her upper body and blood drip down the chairs.

For some reason the door opened and I fall face first into the ground and just scramble to the bank but I met my mom the perfect time, she get out and she saw me panicking with tears on my cheek

After she calmed me down, we go back home, and that’s when I realize the big oak tree I see the first time suddenly disappear.

I never see her again after that and it’s been 7 years this is still my scariest experience and I have claustrophobia because of this experience

Hope this is interesting.


When I was little I got sick and was sleeping on the couch in the living room. And at some point in the middle of the night I woke up and saw some guy staring at me through the window. I hid under the covers for the rest of the night. I was convinced it was a vampire lol. I finally told my mom about it years later and she said it probably was some creep. She told me when she was little (she lived in the same house) some guy robbed a house down the street and then broke into the garage and stole her sister’s bike in the middle of the night.


I wanna share my spooky story. It could all just be a coincidence but it was really freaky in that moment.

About 2 months ago, my grandmother (moms side) was staying with my little brother and I for the weekend because my mother was in the hospital with our youngest brother. It was like 11pm and we started talking about our family. Somehow, the topic of my grandpas (her husband) father came up. My grandfather is embarrassed of his family constellation (I don’t wanna go into further details about it, but for the curious: Not incest) so he doesn’t talk about it. What I found out is that my great grandpa took no shit and debated everyone and everything. He also had a big mouth and hated it when people talked about him. Just as I was about to ask another question about him, a clock fell down from the wall and shattered. Yeah it could be a coincidence but it hung there for over 10 years without a problem. In that moment, I thought it was my great grandpa who interrupted us from further talking.


2016: I was walking to the bus after I had finished shopping with a friends of mine. I didn’t want her mom to have to give me a ride home because the city is super busy and I didn’t want to make her drive (we lived on opposite sides of the city). A old man approached me and asked if I needed a ride. I said no because I didn’t know him my gut was telling me something was wrong.

I later found out that the old man was Bruce McArthur, a serial killer in Toronto.


One night in the summer of 1989 my friends and I were smoking a joint on the Staten Island ferry. This crazy looking guy with long blond hair and deep piercing blue eyes plopped down and demanded to smoke with us. Out of fear we agreed. His name was Daniel Rankowitz.

As we smoked our weed and some of his own, he made random loud outbursts about politics and child abuse. He also  proclaimed he killed people. Usually I would be unfazed but this guy had an aura of evil about him.

Two weeks later he was arrested  for killing his girlfriend in Manhattan. He made soup from her flesh and organs. He also fed the soup to homeless in Thompson Square Park. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity.


A few years ago, my family lived near a man who claimed he was a warlock. He was Wiccan. (I have nothing against Wiccans) Anyway, he gave us a few stones to put in our house. One sat in the living room, and another in our little office. My mom claims to have been lifted off of the couch, by something she couldn’t see. And to have been knocked over forcefully in a chair. She decided to get rid of the stones, and nothing else ever happened.




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