Turvakerroin safety gas

I was in Helsinki a few weeks ago, and was almost attacked by a random stranger on the street. I’d been thinking about getting a self-defense item of some sort for a while, and this threatening situation was the last straw. I’m extremely anti-violence, and never ever instigate fights or any kinds of physical confrontations myself. However, a few weeks ago I was almost attacked while walking down the street and refusing to give money or explain my religion to a totally random stranger! Time to gear up.

Turvakerroin manufactures and sells a license-free self defense teargas that requires no hustle: you order it, they send it to you – end of story.


I made a post about this purchase in my Instagram account some days ago, and one of the most frequent questions I was asked was “Does a license-free teargas work?” The answer is yes, it does. If you think you need a double-barreled, sawed-off shotgun to stop an attacker coming at you, you’re probably basing your evaluation on Hollywood action movies. In reality, all you need is a weapon powerful enough to take the attacker out for a while, allowing you enough room and time to get out of the situation.

Turvakerroin teargas shoots a concoction and lets out a loud alarm when you press the button, making it impossible for the attacker to open his/her eyes, while alerting for help at the same time. The concoction has a paint solution mixed into it, making it easier for the police (or other security personnel) to identify the perpetrator.

Below is a video of two Finnish guys testing out the product. The guy getting sprayed explains that he can’t open his eyes no matter how hard he tries.

Buy yours at www.turvakerroin.com

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