Missing Maura Murray.

In 2004, a young lady named Maura Murray took off from her college campus on a car towards an unknown destination. She crashed her car in New Hampshire, then mysteriously vanished from the scene of the accident. Maura has not been seen since.

Missing Maura Murray is an interesting podcast that has delved into the mystery for years now. Below is my interview with Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna, the hosts. Thanks guys for your time!

Who are you guys? Tell us a bit about yourselves and your backgrounds!

We are Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna of Crawlspace Media. We produce true crime podcasts and documentaries. 

missing maura murray

Where and how did you first learn of the disappearance of Maura Murray?

I (Tim) first learned of Maura Murray from Lance. Lance was fascinated by the case, James Renner’s work into it, and Alden Olsen from his YouTube videos. We then agreed to work on a documentary, which lead to the Missing Maura Murray podcast, which lead to the Disappearance of Maura Murray series on Oxygen. 

Who was Maura?

We never met Maura, though are both from New England and similar ages. To me she seemed like an exceptional student, athlete, friend, family member. Someone I’d love to have known. She left West Point for nursing school.

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Maura Murray, circa early 00’s.

What were the circumstances of her disappearance? 

On February 9th 2004, Maura Murray left her campus at UMass Amherst and drove north to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. There were some stressors in the time leading up to Maura leaving Umass. Maura had what seems to be an emotional breakdown at work. She crashed her father’s car. And it’s still possible we don’t know the entire reason why she left for the Mountains that day.

Murray’s car

Have you visited the spot where the accident and disappearance happened? What is it like over there?

We have visited that spot a lot in the five + years we’ve been doing this. It’s an eerie spot because of the history but not really for any other reason. The curve is drastic, almost 90 degrees, you need to go slow. There’s still no cell service there, like it was in 2004. There is a gun range not far so sometimes you hear gunshots just standing at the tree.

Blue ribbon marks the spot where Maura’s car crashed in New Hampshire

Do you believe any of the locals were involved in the disappearance?

I think there’s a good chance someone with intimate knowledge of the immediate area is involved in Maura’s disappearance. We believe the area her car was found is on a road typically traveled by locals or tourists who are familiar with the area and stay there often.

Over the years, you’ve interviewed a lot of people connected to the case. Is there any specific interview that’s particularly memorable to you, for one reason or another? 

We’ve spoken to a lot of really cool people on Missing Maura Murray, from Billy Jensen to Nancy Grace to Jon Ronson. But it always brings the entire point of the work home when we speak with a Murray family member. Julie and Kurtis Murray’s perspective always brings the emotions out in us and the listeners. 

Do you have a “pet theory” as to what happened to Maura? What do you think is the likeliest scenario?

I think Maura willingly got into a vehicle on the corner of 112 and Bradley Hill Road. I think it’s possible she knew the driver/occupants, but we are unaware of that person or people, if that’s the case. 

How likely do you think it is that one day we’ll know what happened?

I think it’s very likely we will find out what happened to Maura. Technologies change every day. DNA and ground penetrating radar are two tech areas that could eventually help solve this case.

What are your future plans for the podcast?

We work with Bruce Maitland’s non-profit Private Investigations For the Missing and have been covering case submissions. We hope for that non-profit to get fully functioning and integrated with the podcast. 

Where can people keep up with your work?

You can check out entire network of shows at crawlspace-media.com

And finally, my regular questions.

Your top 3 films?

No Country For Old Men (2007), Zodiac (2007), Panman (2011)

Your top 3 books?

The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara

Hunting Whitey by Casey Sherman

Your top 3 albums?

Lance loves the Greatest Hits collections of Bruce Springsteen and The Eagles. Tim loves Tom Petty’s album Wildflowers.

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